Pest Control Adelaide

Crawling Insects

We know the importance of maintaining a comfortable and pest-free home for your family, and crawling insects can seriously compromise this! From ants, spiders and cockroaches, to earwigs, millipedes and bedbugs and everything in between, our holistic diagnosis and treatment process will have your problem under control in no time at all. Our treatment is tailored perfectly to your infestation type and environment to ensure we reach a long-term solution.

Pest Control Adelaide

Flying Insects

Insects such as mosquitos, bees, wasps and flies can be extremely frustrating to have in and around your home or business. Although nothing can be done to stop flying insects flying to your property, our barrier treatments are designed to target where they land and rest. By deterant installing a complete treatment we create an interception barrier, controlling flying insects before they get to you.

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Rats and mice pose a serious health risk to your home and business. They are known to contaminate food and spread disease, and carry parasites such as fleas and mites. The success of quick elimination of infestations relies on finding the source of where they harbor and breed, and implement a baiting program using lockable stations to ensure children are safe.

Pest Control Adelaide

Stored Product & Textile Pests

These pests are most active in and around stored food items, wool, mohair, animal hair, leather and feathers. They include pests such as moths, beetles and mites. Our licensed Pest Control Adelaide technicians will devise a solution that is customised to your exact situation, to ensure our treatments are comprehensive and long term.


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