Rodent Control and Removal Services in Adelaide Hills

Rodent control and removal will, at one stage or another, be a problem to most homeowners through Adelaide Hills. With their small stature, quick reflexes and stealthy, nocturnal excursions, rats and mice can easily infiltrate most homes before the occupants even realise they have an infestation problem. Although they may seem harmless enough when they scurry about, rodents can carry and transmit diseases, as well as breed at extraordinary speeds.

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How we handle rodents


Rats are considered vicious, filthy, parasitic animals that contaminate and steal food. They’re also a major source of disease, with the bubonic plague credited to rodents and the fleas that fed on them. They live among us as we provide their three basic needs: food, water and shelter. They are prolific breeders, so a vigilant and methodical rodent control policy is required to avoid a hostile takeover.

There are many steps you can take to attempt to keep rodents out of your home or workplace. Sanitation is a crucial element in effective rat control. We offer a reliable, cost effective service that complies with all legislative requirements. Our integrated pest management approach will identify the source of rat infestation then set about its removal using cultural, biological, mechanical and chemical controls. A combination of chemical and non-chemical treatments will usually be applied.



Well adapted to living among us, a mouse in your house is a serious health threat to all who live there. If you operate a commercial food business, the problem is escalated and can cause a major food contamination issue that can impact on your reputation and livelihood. Proactive mice control measures are vitally important for all homes and particularly food manufacturing and food service businesses. These creatures are small, nocturnal and nest in concealed locations, so you may not even be aware of a problem.

There are many options available to control this menace and a combination of options is usually the most effective. There is no ‘one size fits all’ method to mice control. In private homes the practice of good hygiene and sanitation should go a considerable way to limiting the potential for infestation. If required, we use traps and baits to eliminate the problem. A commercial environment such as a cafe or restaurant requires extra vigilance. Strict health requirements must be met. We are very experienced in this field.


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