Regain Control with Adelaide’s Cockroach Removal & Treatment Service

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests found amongst human settlements. They are drawn into our properties as they search for exposed food, moisture, and warmth out of colder temperatures. When sustenance becomes slim pickings, they will also feed on organic material such as glue, dead animals, and faeces. This is what makes them so dangerous to our health. They can contract and carry a myriad of disease from the filth in their surroundings, spreading across the surfaces with which they come into contact, eventually transmitted to us and our families.

When it is time for cockroach removal

Probably the most alarming fact surrounding insects, rodents and other pests is that, due to their miniscule stature, is that they often infiltrate our homes and set up shop right under our noses. Fortunately, there are some tell-tale signs that you have a cockroach problem.

Nocturnal insects, cockroaches are most active at night, so the best time to look for signs is first thing in the morning before anything is disturbed by your routine. Around your house, you might find:

  • Droppings: cockroaches will leave dark, dust-like droppings that resemble ground coffee beans, approximately 1mm wide.
  • Egg capsules: multiple cockroach eggs are held inside a capsule known as an ootheca.
  • Smear marks: if they are exposed to plentiful amounts of water, cockroaches will leave smear marks on wall-floor junctions, furniture, or anything else they might come into contact with during movement or rest.
  • Shed skin: as cockroaches mature and grow in size, they will frequently shed their skin. A good place to look for these are in the areas you suspect them to find shelter during the day.

How we conduct cockroach control and removal

Deterant Pest control Adelaide Solutions are the professionals when it comes to cockroach control and removal. By using the latest and safest, targeted treatment strategies in your home or commercial property, we can deliver a fast and efficient service to rid your home of these pests. Once work is completed, we will even share our industry-backed knowledge to give you some helpful tips on how to avoid a resurgence in the future.


For more information on our cockroach control and removal services, or any of our other pest control measures, including termite treatments, rodent removals, and pre purchase inspections, please feel encouraged to get in touch with our staff today. We can be reached by calling 1300 816 776, via email at, or by taking a moment to fill out our online enquiry form found on our contact page.