Deterant Termite Inspection Adelaide

No property is safe from termites, and these pests don’t discriminate between new and old structures! Termites are extremely destructive pests with the potential to destroy entire properties. They’re a silent, unrelenting pest that causes more damage to Australian homes each year than storms, floods and fires combined. Home and business owners need to undertake an annual termite inspection to reduce the risk of severe structural damage. Our qualified technicians carry out inspections in accordance with Australian standards and go above and beyond to guarantee the long term safety of your property. We utilise the latest and best technologies to detect and treat termites, and ongoing training ensures we’re working in line with industry best practices.

What’s involved in our termite inspections?

Australian Standards recommend that a termite inspection be conducted at least once a year and more often in areas that experience high termite pressure. Think of it as a health check for your property. Not only will it determine whether termites are present, but it may also identify how to make it less attractive to termites. Your inspection involves:

  • Inspection of the interior, exterior, roof void, sub-floor, garage, yard and detached structures
  • Use of motion detector and thermal imaging technology
  • Use of moisture metre to detect leaks or moist areas behind walls
  • Post-inspection discussion of findings, advice on treatment and protection options
  • Comprehensive report with photographs and recommendations
  • All inspections carried out according to Australian Standards 3660.2


What’s included in the inspection report?

A comprehensive written report is provided after every termite inspection. Understanding the conditions of local areas and seasonal pest trends, our highly-trained pest technicians provide the best pest control Adelaide service for your needs. After a comprehensive inspection of your property, inside and out, we’ll give you recommendations on the best solution for your situation. Included in the report will be:

  • A description of the property, what areas have been inspected and the areas not inspected (and the reason, such as a lack of access)
  • Any observed termite activity and any visual termite damage
  • Conditions that may be conducive to future a termite attack, such as high moisture levels, leaks, construction faults, high soil levels, wood sources, inadequate ventilation and stored goods
  • Any further inspections that are required


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Pest control for your home or business is always important, especially when it comes to protecting your family and your investment from termites. With the chances of termites attack more likely than fire, flood and natural disaster combined, organising a regular termite inspection is a smart choice. Here at Deterant Pest Solutions, we ensure to use the best quality products for your situation that will rid you of your pest problems while ensuring your safety and wellness. Our pest control treatments are environment-friendly, and our priority is providing you with the best resolution for your home. Call us today or contact us online to arrange an inspection.


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