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Can Termites be Health Hazard? Pest Control Experts Defines!

Some people don’t take termites seriously. But, Our professional Local pest control Adelaide suggests you all to get rid of the termites as soon as you notice them. There could be various health hazards with termites that you might not know.

For better understanding, let’s read ahead and understand it in depth.

So let’s get started! 

  • They Spread Mould

Yes, you read it right! Termites do promote the growth of mould.


Well, termites live in a dark and cold place which is the perfect breeding ground for mould. As they crawl, chew, or bite through the wood, mould disperses as well. Not just this, mould travels through the air and gets inhaled easily. Besides, it can also land on your skin too.

One should remember that there are abundant types of mould and some of them could be more dangerous than others. Some mould species can lead to lung diseases and other illness. Therefore, whenever you notice mould in your home, ask the pest control professionals to seek for termites and get rid of them. This way, you will be able to control and remove the mould as well.  

Therefore, by removing termites you can stop mould and by stopping mould, you dwindle various health dangers. So contact your trusted pest control expert!    

  • Mould can Lead to Various Illnesses and Allergies

As you already know that mould is dangerous, there are various diseases involved with it. It can lead to

  • Fungal infection
  • Allergies
  • Skin disease
  • Lungs or respiratory diseases such as asthma
  • Toxicity

If you already have allergies, you will suffer more because of the presence of mould in your home. Mild asthma symptoms can become a chronic condition. Various skin conditions and fungal infections can be triggered because of mould. Some toxic compounds released by mould are inhaled by humans and pets, which can reach inside the body and starts to grow inside the body. Once it starts to grow inside the body, various diseases such as eye infection, memory loss, dermatitis, or even aspergilloma can be caused. 

So don’t let the termites win. Opt for Termite Inspections Adelaide right away! 

  • Termites are Dangerous to electrical as well

There are certain electrical types that are affected by termites. The damp wood termites have strong jaws and can easily bite through the electrical wires when searching for digestive cellulose. This is dangerous as cutting electrical wires can expose them to the environment and can even result in the short circuit too. This can easily trigger fire if ignored. So if you notice chewed wires at your place, don’t hesitate to reach the reliable, talented, and experienced pest control service that can reach to the roots of termites and kill them.

That’s how termites can ruin your health and electrical wires. Apart from that, your property is completely damaged because of them. Therefore, hiring a reliable residential and Commercial Pest Control Adelaide is a no brainer.

Have termite problems already, go ahead and hire your pest control team now!