Office Pest Control

Pest Control for Adelaide Hills Offices

Keeping your office workplace clean and free from pests is essential. Destructive and disease-carrying insects, rodents, and other type of vermin are usually found in unclean areas, and if they are scurrying about your office floor, they are going to affect your staff and stakeholders in one way or another.

Close proximity to pests for an extended period of time can increase employees’ and visitors’ chances of contracting illness. This could leave to additional sick days taken, a decline in the perception of the business’ capabilities, and even more serious penalties, such as fines from state and federal authorities. Beyond this, certain pests, such as termites, could eat away into the timber of your building’s structure, leading to possible integrity failures, should they be left untreated.

Ensure that you are running a clean, healthy workplace environment for all those that rely on you. Contact Deterant Pest Control Adelaide Solution today for industry leading control strategies in Adelaide Hills.

Why offices are more at risk

Although pests found in offices are similar to those found in residential properties, once they get out of control, they are much harder to treat. For example, offices by their nature have large, high traffic areas. This affords small creatures many opportunities to be attracted by dropped food or spilled liquid in a communal kitchen, spread through the levels in search of more on or under desks, and when it is time for treatment, getting everyone out so work can commence will naturally put a halt on operations.

The most common pests found in offices are:

At Deterant Pest Solutions, we have comprehensive control and treatment methods to deal with all of these pests and more.

Protect your office with pest control strategies today

Just as it is difficult to treat pests in the office, it is also just as hard to prevent them as well. Homes have the advantage of being small and with less people potentially creating messes that will lure outside creatures inside. Offices, busy by their nature, leave a vast area unguarded, as it would take a sizeable budget and organisational reshuffle simply to accommodate the traditional prevention methods.

Do what you can by instructing staff to confine their eating to one location, which is routinely cleaned (including rubbish bins). Repelling devices, should you invest in them, are most efficient when placed near possible entry sites. And at the first sign of pests being out of control in your Adelaide Hills office, contact Deterant Pest solutions for premium pest control strategies you can rely on.

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